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MSTRAT (for distribution via internet)

MSTRAT is a program for building germplasm core collections by maximizing allelic or phenotypic richness.

A paper on MSTRAT has been published in Journal of Heredity: Gouesnard B., Bataillon T.M., Decoux G., Rozale C., Schoen D.J., David J.L (2001). « MSTRAT: An Algorithm for Building Germ Plasm Core Collections by Maximizing Allelic or Phenotypic Richness » Journal of Heredity (2001) 92,93-94

Developed by Charles-Edouard Coste, Thomas M. Bataillon, Mathieu Cotisson, Guy Decoux, Chistophe Rozale, Daniel J. Schoen, Jacques L. David

Last update Sept 2004 (Mstrat v4.1 interfacing Ether v4.1)

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MStrat v4.1 for windows (5.67MB)

MStrat v4.1 for Unix (6.07MB)

MStrat v4.1 Documentation PDF (844kB)


What is new in Mstrat4.1 ?

Step choice

What is new in Mstrat4.0 ?

The new version accepts missing data.

When different samples have the same richness, a second criteria of optimization is used. Three criteria are proposed : Nei indice, Shannon indice, and generalized variance. For the generalized variance criteria, a principal component analysis is performed with R software on complete data file.

What’s in the archive?

  • The HTML documentation
  • Example files (in the « data » directory)
  • The MStrat TCL interface
  • The binary executable file ether.exe
  • seeds.txt
  • R statistical software (
  • MStrat sources codes