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Our team is interested in the molecular and evolutionary mechanisms that shape agro-biodiversity and in the role of these mechanisms in the adaptive response of populations and in the functioning of diversified agrosystems. To do so, our team relies strongly on tools and concepts from evolutionary biology and molecular evolution and dedicates a significant part of its research to the development of methodological tools for the characterization of diversity and the analysis of produced data sets. The knowledge acquired is used to develop strategies for the management and valorization of genetic resources of cultivated species and their wild relatives. We mainly work on three species: durum wheat, maize, and the model species Medicago truncatula.Génomique évolutive et gestion des populations (GE²pop). Our team is part of the AGAP Institut, more information about us are provided on AGAP web site.

About this site

This site is a convenient way to share some of the resources produced by our team.

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