GE²pop datasets

Alternative Splicing: Domestication Reduces Alternative Splicing Expression Variations in Sorghum.
Vincent Ranwez, Audrey Serra, David Pot, Nathalie Chantret. Plos One (2017) 12(9): e0183454
Wheat Relative History: Pervasive hybridizations in the history of wheat relatives.
S. Glémin, C. Scornavacca, J. Dainat, C. Burgarella, V. Viader, M. Ardisson, G. Sarah, S. Santoni, J. David, V. Ranwez.
Science Advances (2019): Vol. 5, no. 5, eaav9188
EU GenRes 088: The GENRES 088 program, financed by the European Union, aims to constitute
a European network (Germany, Spain, France, Greece,Italy, Netherlands, Portugal) for
the conservation, evaluation and the use of the population varieties of maïze, cultivated in the past.
Barcoding alignments: alignments of barcoding sequences obtained using the MACSE barcoding pipelines 
on sequences collected from the BOLD database (multiple taxonomic groups). 
Wheat Mating System: datafiles supporting the analysis presented in the submitted paper entitled
« Mating systems and recombination landscape strongly shape genetic diversity and selection in wheat relatives »