Run multiple programs

URL : samples/multiPrograms/

This subprogram allows to sequentially executes multiple MACSE commands contained in a text file (one per line). This allows basic scripting for non bioinformaticians. The main option of this subprogram is a file containing a list of MACSE commands. Each line of this file must contains a single MACSE command starting by « -prog » (i.e. omitting « java -jar macse.jar »). The character ‘@’ can be used before each file path to point towards the directory containing this command file.

You can use the GUI to easily generate the command line you need on a single example, copy this command (using copy/paste or the copy to clipboard button) and adapt this command to run it on multiple datasets using this subprogram or the command line facilities of MACSE.

You can also chain multiple analysis on a single datafile using this option and use the parameter file to ensure reproductibility and traceability.

Here is a simple example of the program usage!

  • java -jar macse.jar -prog multiPrograms -MACSE_command_file refine_split.macse