Project members This project is the result of the collaboration of Sylvain Glémin, Celine Scornavacca, Jacques Dainat, Concetta Burgarella, Véronique Viader, Morgane Ardisson, Gautier Sarah, Sylvain Santoni, Jacques David, and Vincent Ranwez. For more information you can contact either: Name Function / Institution E-Mail / Phone Sylvain GLEMIN CNRS Researcher /  ECOBIO Jacques DAVID … Lire la suite

Wheat Relative history

Wheat Relative history Associated files In the paper entitled « Pervasive hybridizations in the history of wheat relatives » we provide a comprehensive phylogenomic analysis that reveals that the genomes of cultivated wheats result of multiple rounds of hybridization. Here are the datafiles supporting this analysis Gene list Alignments Trees Hyde results Readme file and full archive … Lire la suite

Wheat Mating System

Here are the datafiles supporting the analysis presented in the submitted paper entitled « Mating systems and recombination landscape strongly shape genetic diversity and selection in wheat relatives » ALIGNMENTS IN FASTA FORMAT Alignments for each species in fasta format: Alignments for each focal species plus the outgroup (Taniaetherum caput-medusae) in fasta format: Scripts and datasets for … Lire la suite