Latest release of SuperTriplets



  • java -jar -Xmx500m SuperTriplets_v1.1.jar newick_file.nwk outfile

Small example input files

Two newick example files containing 10 trees from release v.1 of the OrthoMaM database (10 input trees inferred from orthologous markers satisfying the following requirements: species number ≤ 10, rate heterogeneity a ≥ 1, and GC3 content ≥ 80%).

  • 10 trees without branch lengths: (download)
  • 10 trees with branch lengths: (download)

Older releases of SuperTriplets


Datasets used in the original publication of SuperTriplets

  • First biological data set: Mammalian phylogenomics dataset made of 33 taxa – 12,958 rooted trees (inferred from all CDS of the release v.5 of OrthoMaM) ( download )
  • Second biological data set: Mammalian family-level dataset of Beck et al. (2006): 115 taxa – 6,724 rooted trees accounting for the differential weighting of the 725 source topologies ( download )
  • Simulated data set/ (download)