Barcoding alignments

MACSE Barcode Alignments This page provides alignments of barcoding sequences obtained in April 2020 by using the MACSE barcoding pipelines on sequences collected from the BOLD database. The pipeline is fully described in: Plantae taxonomic group marker code update ref alignment ref sequence enriched alignment nb seq in the alignment nb seq in BOLD alignment … Lire la suite

MACSEE & pipelines

Online webserver and pipelines You can test MACSE online (release v2.01b) using the MBB webser. The previous version is still available: old 0.9b1 release. All pipelines source code are provided on the dedicated github repository. Latest release of MACSE MACSE release 2.07march 2023 The most recent release of MACSE Fix a bug in trimAlignment sub-program This release … Lire la suite